Friday, September 23, 2011

Record Your Dreams (Video)

Do you remember back in 2001 when the movie Final Fantasy The Spirits Within came to theaters? Were you just as blown away by the stunning technology the creators of the film designed? Well we can move one more of those technologies from the science fiction column to the real life column. Our friends the scientists from UC Berkeley have developed software that records the blood flow to the visual nerves in your eyes, learns what you are seeing and then
reconstructs the images from the data collected from the blood in your eyes.  While still in its infancy this technology could make break-throughs in communicating with disabled people such as stroke victims and the blind. Maybe one day it will record your dreams. Or help you piece together many dreams given to you from an alien spirit who is trying to tell you the history of its world through your dreams... Now all we need are the awesome glowing holograms that we can interact with.

Images on top are from Youtube videos, Images on bottom are generated from the test.

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