Saturday, August 13, 2011

Going Green with the Smart Phone

Smart Phones are not usually closely associated in many peoples minds with inefficiency.  These awesome phones make our days so much simpler/complex.  They allow us to accomplish so much more because of the ease and "efficiency" they bring to our lives.  The trouble is they run on batteries and these batteries need to be recharged often.  Well some guys over at UCLA have found a way to make the Smart Phone even more efficient.  They have figured out a way to attach a solar panel to the inside of an LCD screen to save energy and restore it to the battery.

It is unclear who actually has the rights to this latest invention because it seems Motorola has patented this kind of thing a few years back.  But the technology seems to be resurfacing in places of study and in the news.

This idea would also be very interesting if applied with other sources of energy such as Wireless Electricity.  Oh the possibilities are endless.  The facility of energy being pumped to our everyday machines without having to think about plugging them in.  I can only imagine that the kids born in the most recent years and in the coming years will have to be taught about electricity and how it comes from the light in the room or wirelessly through the wall.  It will be a great day when I don't have to plug in my laptop to do some serious work.

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